Quickbooks Software Invoice Training

Quickbooks is a great accounting software with many modules that help business owners create invoices, bills, make payments, manage payroll, etc.

Quickbooks invoice manager is one of the tools that are widely used by small business owners to bill their customers for products or services rendered.  However, many don’t know how to properly use this tool and end up damaging the quickbooks file.

In this hour session, I will guide you to properly use this great tool.  You will be able to:

Creating new customers in quickbooks

Creating jobs in quickbooks

Use Transactions Tab in Quickbooks

Create invoices in quickbooks

Create credit memos in quickbooks

Use the quickbooks invoices template

Record customer payments in quickbooks


If you are interested, please email me at seminar@myabaccounting.com to register and submit your payment of $40.00.  Please call me at 800-783-6980 – Alicia Brown at A&B Accounting and Business Solutions, LLC if you have any questions.

Thank you.