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Tax Services

Tax Services

Tax preparation is doom and gloom to small businesses. It involves more than just crunching numbers and watching your money slip away. Some business owners do income tax preparation themselves, thinking that they are saving money. It’s never so. With so many rules and regulations, they often miss out the less known deductions, exemptions and credits, losing more money in the process.

Every Dollar Counts

In financially desperate situations, every dollar counts. However, as the business grows, you make more investments, and it becomes easier to overlook details that could save you cash. Besides, the filing process becomes complicated, making accounting books open up for errors. At this point, fines for late tax filing and incorrect files are innumerable. By outsourcing, you can save yourself from incessant worry.

Why Hire us?

  • We are registered
  • We are accurate and thorough.
  • We are reputable and have a vast knowledge of taxation laws.
  • We have fine print in auditing systems.
  • We help you save cash.
  • We give you the break you want.

What we do

  • We dig out and scout out every opportunity for you to save money; giving attention to the smallest particulars
  • We ensure you are not paying more than your rightful share
  • We ensure you are beating the deadlines and avoiding penalties and liability (our turnaround time is incredibly fast)
  • We allow you to review your returns, understand everything, ask questions and be comfortable with its accuracy
  • We go overboard and suggest ways to avoid penalties, and make more money.

There are volumes and volumes of tax codes, which are changing all the times. We are current with the taxation laws and keep up to date with the changes.

Recruiting, training and retaining in- house tax preparers can be expensive, more so, when peak season of tax filing nears. But it needs not to.

By outsourcing to us, you let your staff handle the demands of customers instead of filing the returns. In the process, your business becomes more efficient and more profitable.

We let you have a peace of mind that comes with knowing that your bases are covered. We handle the intricate process of preparing your tax returns and tax reduction strategies, as you concentrate on core business areas.

We give you the best service, reviewing every single return, and doing it correctly, honestly and on time. We do everything within our means to avoid problems with the IRS. We also furnish you with overlooked deductions that could limit your tax liability for the following year, and advice you accordingly.

Handling tax preparation task all by yourself can be befuddling. It makes you susceptible late filing and incorrect files and opens you to heavy fines. Instead of spending several days and end up frustrated, you can hire our tax services and have your returns filed within the stipulated dates. Our services are not only affordable but help you save more money than you would have if you attempted doing it yourself.

By outsourcing to us, you have the assurance that your work is in the hands of a party committed to serving you most efficiently and economically. We prepare income tax returns for Corporations, Individuals, Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, S Corporations, and Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Don’t suffer in silence. Contact us for a free consultation. Though we serve small and medium businesses in Palm Beach County and Broward County, we are remotely available nationwide. Contact us now.