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Quickbooks Services

Quickbook Services

Quickbooks is a user friendly accounting software. The initial set up needs to be done correctly and a proper maintenance needs to be in place to keep accurate records of your accounting and your taxes.

We offer many services related to Quickbooks including:

Quickbooks training

We will provide customized training according to your needs. Knowing how to work with Quickbooks is not something learned in a few hours. We will provide basic training that will help you enter daily transactions for your business. Once our training is complete, you should be able to:

  • Create a Quickbooks Company File.
  • Creating and modifying a chart of accounts.
  • Set up Sales Tax and paying Sales Tax.
  • Set up basic items.
  • Basic Sales, invoices, credit memos.
  • Create Billing Statements.
  • Payment Processing.
  • Handle refunds.
  • Entering and Paying Bills.
  • Using Bank Accounts (bank reconciliations).
  • Basic Reports.
  • Backing up Quickbooks.
  • Year end procedures.

Visit our Webinar Payments tabs to see and register for upcoming Quickbooks Webminar Series

Quickbooks initial set up

We help you install Quickbooks in your computer at your office or remotely and will customize it according to your business. We will also help you do the following:

  •  Set up chart of accounts, vendors center, customers center, payroll center, and beginning balances so you can start entering your business accounting transactions.
  • Determination of start date.
  • Tax mapping chart of accounts.
  • Setting up items you sell to your customers including: services, inventory parts, non-inventory parts, other charges and sales tax.

Quickbooks ongoing maintenance

We will enter all business transactions into your Quickbooks including: checks, deposits, invoices, bills, and credit memos. We will also maintain a clean general ledger and make necessary adjustments to keep it accurate.

Quickbooks consultation

We will discuss with you the different options and versions Quickbooks offers to help you decide which option and version will work with your type of business. We will also be available by phone or email for any further questions or problems you might encounter in the future.