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Medical Billing and Coding Services

Medical Billing and Coding Services

Every time a patient receives professional primary care in a medical facility, outpatient facility or a surgical center there are certain things a physician must do. The health care provider must document the services and work done so as to process a claim for reimbursement by the appropriate insurance agency. Medical coding and billing within a primary care setting can be a challenge due to the constantly changing requirements of private and public insurers.

Most health care providers find themselves struggling to cope with complex rules, administrative processes and regulations while trying to offer quality medical services. Coping with all the demands of medical coding and billing can be a daunting task. Outsourcing your medical billing services allows you and your staff to focus on providing excellent medical care and running your facility efficiently.

One stop for medical solutions
At A&B Medical Billing Solutions, we pride in helping you be in control of your business by handling your claims management processes and transforming your practice management. We are a one-stop solution for customers that wish to take advantage of our wide range of products and services that include coding and billing, electronic medical records, transcription and accounting services. We are aware of what it takes to have a successful medical facility and seek to provide you with comprehensive medical coding and billing solutions. Our billing and coding services will help prevent unnecessary claim denials and delays as we use an integrated approach in the billing, coding and reimbursement process.

Maximize reimbursements
We provide accurate medical coding with fewer denied claims maximizing your income by minimizing errors. Our team can significantly reduce billing costs as we are well knowledgeable on insurance payer’s rules and regulations. Through the use of the Electronics Claim Submission (ECS) you can be able to get quicker payments with reimbursements being delivered in less than one week for most carriers.

Anesthesia and pain management billing services
Our customized approach to anesthesia and pain management billing sets us apart as we concentrate on alternatives that will maximize reimbursements and reduce expenses. We have qualified staff with a mastery of both the CPT coding and the ASA coding system. Our focus is to provide you with a practical and cost-effective solution for your anesthesiology needs.

Practice Management Services
For most medical practices, it does make a lot of sense to have the right partner in place to guide and help in achieving maximum performance. We work as your solid partner to ensure that your practice operates at peak performance. We effectively work with practice managers, sharing with them the best work practices and taking up much work that causes administrative burden. Through this, the managers can focus on providing quality health care rather than worry about practice operations.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of health care practice management and through our services you can get to enjoy benefits such as;

  • Accurate medical coding
  • Successful medical claims
  • Fast reimbursement
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced expenses
  • Lower accounts receivables
  • Offer comprehensive reporting

You can count on A&B Medical Billing Solutions to help you with the business side of medicine so that your focus is aimed at providing excellent patient care.