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Bookkeeper Permanent and Contract Placement Division

Bookkeeper Placement

If you need a bookkeeper, you can find the best qualified bookkeeper if you contact A&B Accounting and Business Solutions, LLC. We work with many affiliate agencies who have qualified bookkeepers and we find the best match of candidates to fit your bookkeeping needs.

With many years of experience in the accounting field, A&B Accounting and Business Solutions, LLC is able to screen and identify the best bookkeeper for your company . We carefully select every candidate and we test their expertise to send you the best candidate possible.
As accountants, we know how important is to have a good bookkeeper in place so he or she can update and maintain accounting records of your company which include your business expenditures, receipts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.  In addition, bookkeepers are in charge of bank deposits, preparing checks to pay monthly bills, preparing customer invoices. Having a good bookkeeper in house helps the accountant tremendously when it is time to work on monthly, quarterly, or annual adjustments.
Companies have different needs when talking about a bookkeeper.  We work with you to get you the bookkeeper you want .

Different types of bookkeeping placement services:

Temporary Placement

If your company needs a bookkeeper only for a short period of time, we send you several candidates that fits that description. You will be billed only for the hours our candidate works at your company. You tell us when you need a bookkeeper to start and we send you candidates for the hours you need.

Permanent Placement

When you need a bookkeeper permanently in your office, we send you candidates that fits your job description. We test, evaluate, and screen candidates before we send them to you. You don’t have to worry about that if you get one of our candidates.  You will get the best accounting placement services with A&B Accounting and Business Solutions, LLC.

Temporary to Permanent Placement

If your company needs a bookkeeper for a permanent position but wants to see how everything works out, we give you the opportunity to have one of our candidates work at your company on a temporary basis for a couple of months before you decide to have this candidate permanently.

We know you have a busy schedule, which is why A&B Accounting and Business Solutions, LLC has focused on helping companies with their accounting needs and this includes getting the best bookkeeper possible for your company.

Call us for a free consultation and any questions you might have about many of our services. We offer our bookkeeping placement services nationwide.