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Archives for October 2017

An Entrepreneur’s Guide For Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll processing is typically the first business operation that is handed to an outsourcing company. The reasons vary – many business owners fear they might not be able to comply with federal and state payroll standards or while many have other important matters at hand to look after.

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Avoid Asset Losses With These Simple Business Protection Tips

It’s a common saying on Wall Street—cut your losses short and let the winners run. Of course this saying is meant from an investor’s perspective. What about the businessman’s perspective?

Owning and operating your own business isn’t an easy task. There are plenty of risks, dotting at each interval with little to no chances of succeeding.

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Finance Tracking: Executing A Successful Budget Plan

You have just started operations as a smalltime retailer selling products, mostly online. You know your trade – discounts and free shipping is the way to go to attract more customers.

You are doing well enough when it comes to the revenue but is this going to be enough?

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