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Archives for January 2017

Importance of Business Consultation in Today’s Competitive Environment

Business consultants are people who help startups and established businesses to grow further. We can see you rolling your eyes…

As a small business owner you are probably used to doing everything on your own. From setting up the business to hiring employees to managing accounts- you don’t want to depend on anyone else.

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Some Tax Saving Tips for Businesses

Tax time means stress time- this rings especially true for small business owners.

Established businesses have tons of people looking after taxes, but startups and small businesses are still in the phase of holding their ground. They really can’t afford hiring so many people.

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Guide To Identifying Signs Of Accounting Fraud

As the owner, your business means everything to you. You have spent years, as well as significant resources to bring it up from the ground and all of it today represents your efforts. This is why it may be quite disconcerting for you to finally start recognizing the signs of fraud in your business.

The first step is realizing that frauds occur. It happens more often than you know. In fact, back in 2014, a typical organization was losing as much as 5% of its revenue to accounting fraud.

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