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Archives for September 2014

Quickbooks Setup Services

Quickbooks Set up Services

Quickbooks is very user friendly accounting software. That is, it’s user friendly to those who know how to use it. Understanding how to use it though is not something you can learn in a matter of hours, and your daily business transactions are not necessarily something you want to leave to the trial-by-error style of learning.

A&B Accounting and Business Solutions is pleased to offer Quickbooks training. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to do your day-to-day transactions, including how to set up a company file; creating and modifying a chart of accounts; setting up and paying sales tax; basic sales, invoices, and credit memos; creating billing statements; payment processing; handling refunds; entering and paying bills; bank reconciliations; basic reports; backing up Quickbooks; and year-end procedures. All training is customized to meet the unique needs of your business and taking into consideration things about the software that you may already know.

We offer a number of other Quickbooks services as well. If you haven’t yet purchased the software we can provide you with a consultation in order to ensure you get the version that will work best with your business. We can also help you with the initial setup, installing the software at your office or remotely and helping you to set up your chart of accounts, vendor center, customers center, payroll center, and beginning balances so that everything is ready for you to begin entering your transactions. We provide ongoing maintenance of your Quickbooks software and make necessary adjustments so that it is accurate.

For more information about our training and other Quickbooks services, contact us.


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Taxpayer advocate criticises treatment of victims of tax services fraud

Tax Services

In her recently released mid-year report, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson criticized the IRS treatment of taxpayers who were victims of tax preparer refund fraud. Though not as widespread of an issue as the problem of tax-related identity theft, Olson stated that nowhere has the IRS failed to abide by the Taxpayer Bill of Rights more than with preparer refund fraud.

Olson has mentioned the issue three times in her annual reports, has issued two proposed Taxpayer Advocate Directives, two final Taxpayer Advocate Directives, and elevated 25 Taxpayer Assistance Orders to IRS commissioners. In addition, the IRS Office of Chief Counsel has issued opinions or other guidance that states that the IRS is authorized to replace the refunds that were taken as a result of tax preparer fraud. On March 14, IRS Commissioner John A. Koskinen stated that the IRS will issue replacement refunds to victims who have filed police reports and have other documents substantiating their claims. However, no refunds have been issued and some individuals have been waiting since 2008.

The Taxpayer Advocate’s report also discussed the issue of minimum tax preparer standards. In 2002, it was requested that Congress authorize the IRS to establish minimum standards. As Congress never took up the issue, in 2010, the IRS began implementing standards on its own. Olson reiterated that standards that included preparer registration would increase accountability, as well as provide for a one-time entrance exam and continuing education opportunities for preparers. In 2015, the IRS plans to begin encouraging preparers to take continuing education courses. Olson continues to push for a minimum competency exam.

If you’re needing reliable tax services from someone who is experienced, well trained, and trustworthy, contact A&B Accounting and Business Solutions. As Registered Tax Return Preparers, we prepare tax returns for individuals, corporations, S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and sole proprietorships. For more information, contact us.

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